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Q:  Are you busier with pool remodeling or new pool construction?

A: AllStar Pools is very busy with remodels.  When the economy softened back in 2008, pool maintenance wasn’t a top priority for many owners.  Now that’s all changed and we’ve become very busy helping bring pools up to date – both in beauty and in safety.   Typically, about every 15 years, people are changing their pool over.

Q:  What’s new in pool lighting?

A: LED pool lights are becoming more popular but they’re expensive.  An LED pool light can run up to $700 while a standard 12-volt pool light will cost around $250.00.

Q: What’s more popular – stand-alone pools or pool and spa combinations – or just a spa?

A:  There is every combination out there.  It really is an individual choice and but I would say equally divided between stand-alone pools and pool/spa combinations.

Q:  Do people use their pool year-round here, given the warm Sarasota-Bradenton climate?

A:  The pool season here is year-round.   Some folks may use their pool a little less in the winter, but there’s plenty of swimmers who take advantage of our beautiful weather and are swimming every month of the year.   Solar can certainly help extend the season for many people who live here year -round - but for the folks who come down here from up north – anytime seems to be a great time for pool fun.

Q:  What about fiberglass removal from pools in Peridia?

A:  Someone came around the Peridia golf community a few years ago and sold fiberglass lining for swimming pools.  Today, we see many of those pools flaking and peeling.   Some customers are complaining it makes them itch – others don’t like the look of their pool with the fiberglass finish that is peeling.  We remove it by heating and chipping away at it.  Sometimes it comes off easy – other times it can take up to 3 days.  We never use fiberglass.  At AllStar Pools, we use pool plaster.

Q:  What type of pool designs are people asking for?  

A:   Our pebble-finish design has become very popular.   Also people don’t want an edge on the step when they see how we are doing rounded steps.   I first saw this style when I attended the Pool Construction tour in 2000.   Now it’s become very popular in the Bradenton area.  We’re also seeing huge interest in glass bead surfaces.  

Q:  Does AllStar Pools put in solar for pools?

A: We work with a 3rd party team that does solar installation in Sarasota and Manatee counties – but what we are mostly putting in to heat pools these days are heat pumps.

Q: Let’s talk about tile around the swimming pool. What do you want people to know?

A: When you’re remodeling your pool, you don’t want to ignore the tile around the pool – otherwise the harmony of both will be out of sync.   We use a special kind of tile – called simply a pool tile.  We do all the tile work in around the pool for our customers.

Q:  Are pool cages absolutely necessary here in Manatee County and area?

Pool cages are very popular across Florida because it keeps out unwanted pests - but you will also find “open” pools here as well – particularly near the ocean.  The bugs aren’t as bad near the water.   Of course, pool owners also need to know the laws when it comes to pool security and safety.   Pool alarms, baby barriers and safety fences are an important part of any pool project.


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